Retail Hours Update


Lockhouse Distillery will be closed for retail hours from June 22nd – June 29th to allow for equipment repairs.  Lockhouse Vodka can be purchased at Gates Circle Wine & Liquor, at located 1430 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY.

Lockhouse Kickstarter

Lockhouse Distillery (formerly Eight Buffalo Spirits LLC) is raising money on Kickstarter to fund the purchase of barrels for our whiskey launch. With the sale of vodka imminent, we are not turning our attention to the much slower and more expensive process of aging whiskey. Donors receive great prizes such as tshirts, flasks, barrels, classes, and even batches of vodka with their names on it. Please click below for more information!

Name Change

lockhouse_Header_picEight Buffalo Spirits LLC is now Lockhouse Distillery!  Unfortunately, we weren’t the only spirit brand with “Buffalo” in the name!  To avoid any potential trademark issues in the future, we decided to rename the distillery as something that was distinctly tied in to Buffalo’s rich history (and also a little bit shorter!).

Our vodka is in full production, and is just waiting on government label approval to begin selling.

Conditional Letter of Approval (!)

EIGHT BUFFALO SPIRITS LLC is pleased to announce that we have received a conditional letter of approval from the New York State Liquor Authority.  With this letter in hand, we can now apply for a permit from the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau, which is the final step in our licensing process.  Once we receive approval from the TTB, New York State will issue us a license.